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B2B Distribution and Fulfillment

Lightning Fulfillment specializes in high-volume B2B distribution for both wholesale and retail sectors. Our B2B services are built upon meticulous attention to detail, compliance, and strict adherence to deadlines, ensuring your products reach their destinations promptly and reliably. Additionally, we offer a range of value-added services for B2B clients, facilitating faster scalability and ensuring satisfaction among retailers and customers alike.

With extensive experience, we cater to a diverse array of retail locations, including major chain stores, large retailers, convenience stores, and independent ‘mom and pop’ shops, fully versed in the requisite protocols. Whether it’s routing orders to retail giants like Walmart and Target or delivering your products to unique boutiques, we excel in the intricacies of B2B distribution.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Advanced Systems for B2B Warehousing

We’re fully equipped to cater to all your B2B requirements. With our distribution center located in Anaheim, CA, featuring automated EDI integration, we consistently exceed the expectations of our B2B clients. Our warehouse management system streamlines the handling of high-volume, complex shipments like never before.

Our B2B warehousing facility offers top-tier security measures. With our unparalleled inventory management system, we ensure meticulous tracking and accountability for all wholesale orders, regardless of size or complexity. Moreover you’ll have direct access to your inventory dashboard, enabling seamless communication with our customer service team and project managers, thereby enhancing the efficiency of your B2B logistics operations.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Achieve Stress-Free B2B Operations.

Navigating the complexities of B2B operations is our forte, boasting rapid turnaround times, tailored solutions, and 25 years of expertise in managing distribution and wholesale operations for some of the USA’s largest brands. We possess an intimate understanding of routing guides, adherence to shipping schedules, timely ASN transmissions, and effective EDI communications.

In addition to B2B intricacies, we proudly offer omnichannel fulfillment services for our retail, wholesale, and distribution clients. Alongside managing the complexities of your B2B distribution, we handle your ecommerce orders with agility, emphasizing efficient storage and shipping practices. Our comprehensive suite of value-added services for B2B encompasses pack and store, repackaging, and customized labeling for high-volume SKUs across various industries and product types, ensuring seamless B2B operations.

By meticulously adhering to routing guides and upholding impeccable compliance standards, we guarantee that our clients’ operations radiate professionalism, bolstering their reputation and fostering repeat orders.

At Lightning Fulfillment, we consider your success as our own. This is why we diligently strive to deliver top-tier B2B fulfillment services, coupled with unparalleled customer service and industry-leading rates for storage, kitting, and freight shipments. Whether you’re seeking to outsource your entire B2B fulfillment operation or require assistance with specific facets of your business, we possess the expertise and resources to turbocharge your B2B logistics.