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Kitting and Assembly Services

Our unparalleled high-volume kitting and assembly services set the industry standard! Catering to retailers, e-tailers, distributors, and wholesalers, we ensure your fulfillment process is cost-effective, streamlined, and showcases your brand to customers in the most optimal manner. At Lightning Fulfillment, we swiftly handle bagging, tagging, picking, packing, and shipping within a 24-hour timeframe, demonstrating expertise in managing high-volume SKUs such as apparel, healthcare, and cosmetics.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Specialized Kitting Areas and Efficient Order Processing

We are fully equipped to meet the demands of high-volume retail kitting. Whether you’re a manufacturer seeking cost-effective rework, re-labeling, or repackaging solutions, or a distributor with tight deadlines, our setup is tailored to handle high-volume operations seamlessly.

Each kitting and assembly project is meticulously overseen by a dedicated project manager, ensuring adherence to timelines and meticulous attention to detail from planning to meeting specific requirements for retailers. For extensive kitting projects, you’ll benefit from open lines of communication with our managers and direct access to inventory updates, allowing us to refine, redefine, and deliver perfection to every customer order.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Tailored Kitting Solutions: Customizable and Versatile for Your Needs

At the core of our kitting services is a seasoned team proficient in order processing intricacies. From barcoding and re-labeling to quality control, we meticulously adhere to order specifications, ensuring each shipment is meticulously prepared and dispatched, with customer satisfaction as our guiding principle.

In addition to impeccable presentation, kitting with us offers numerous advantages, including significant inventory space reduction. We store component products and finalize kits just before delivery, ensuring efficient storage management. Furthermore, we excel in delivering precisely what customers order, consistently meeting expectations.

Our kitting and assembly expertise spans various domains, from gift baskets and intricate retail product displays to bonus packages for special promotions and tailored kits for key buyers or press/influencers. Whatever your custom order entails, we’re equipped to fulfill it with precision and excellence.

We’re poised to address your Kitting and Assembly requirements with unparalleled expertise. Backed by extensive assembly space, a skilled workforce, and an unwavering commitment to merchandising excellence, we stand as the ideal choice for your company’s B2C and B2B kitting needs. When you’re prepared to elevate your brand’s kitting and bundling operations, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll tailor a solution perfectly suited to your needs.